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Free configurable VLIW/TTA Hybrid Architecture



Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) and so-called Transport Triggered Architectures (TTA) are potentially simpler and hence more power-efficient than superscalar architectures since they do not need hardware to detect instruction-level parallelism. We have developed an FPGA-prototype of a hybrid VLIW/TTA architecture named SynZEN. It consists of a customizable set of functional units (FUs) with associated register files and a customizable interconnection network between the FUs. SynZEN is less complex than a VLIW architecture because the register file is fully distributed while in a VLIW several or all FUs share a register file. It is less complex than a TTA architecture because data out of a local register files can be used instead of a transportation step throw the network . The goal of this project is to extend the SynZEN architecture with several features such as caches and to develop compiler support for it. Furthermore, we intend to investigate how the SynZEN architecture can be deployed as an ILP accelerator in heterogeneous multicores.

People involved


Nico Moser and Stefan Hauser and Carsten Gremzow (2009). Reduzierung der Kommunikation in TTA-Verbindungsnetzen mittels Laufzeitanalyse. Methoden und Beschreibungssprachen zur Modellierung und Verifikation von Schaltungen und Systemen. Nico Moser, 107–116.

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Stefan Hauser and Nico Moser and Ben Juurlink (2012). SynZEN: A Hybrid TTA/VLIW Architecture with a Distributed Register File. NORCHIP


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