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Recognition of foreign credits for Computer Organization (ROrg)

The course Computer Organization (Rechnerorganisation) covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to digital systems (Boolean equations, truth tables, gates, etc.)
  • Introduction to digital design (basic circuits, state elements, register file, design of an Arithmetic Logic Unit, Carry Lookahead, etc.)
  • Data representations (two’s complement, floating point, characters and strings)
  • Performance (cycle time, frequency, CPU performance equation, Amdahl’s law, benchmarks)
  • Assembly programming and machine language, addressing modes (the course covers MIPS but any instruction set architecture will do)
  • Design of a simple (single-cycle) processor (datapath and control, block diagrams, etc.)
  • Pipelining (basics, design of a pipelined processor, hazards, forwarding, delayed branches, etc.)
  • Memory hierarchy (locality, caches, virtual memory, etc.)

Prof. Juurlink is willing to recognize a course or courses taken at another university as equivalent to Computer Organization, if all but at most one of these topics have been covered. If two or more of these topics have not been covered, then your course(s) cannot be recognized.

In order for Prof. Juurlink to be able to assess that you have learned these topics, you should bring proof of that to the meeting with him. A transcript with course names is not sufficient. You should also bring course descriptions and, if from the course description it is not clear that you have learned the topics above, lecture notes. English, German, and even Dutch course descriptions / lecture notes are accepted - other languages not. Of course it should be clear that the course description / lecture notes are from the course(s) you have taken.

If you have learned these topics in different courses, then all these courses together will be recognized as equivalent to Computer Organization. That means that you cannot use these courses for equivalence recognition to other courses at TU Berlin.

In order to save time, when you come to the meeting and think your course(s) can be recognized as being equivalent to Computer Organization, please pre-fill out the required form with the courses you took at a different university. The form can be found at https://www.pruefungen.tu-berlin.de/fileadmin/ref10/Formulare/Ueberpruefung_bisheriger_Leistungen_TeilB.pdf [1]. Then Prof. Juurlink only has to determine if your courses can be recognized, determine the grade, and sign and stamp. In order to determine the grade, if you have not taken the course at a German university, please bring a form that shows how the grade that you obtained corresponds to a percentage score. For example, grade A corresponds to a score of > 90%, B corresponds to a score between 85 and 90%, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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