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AES Project

This project is not available in SS2011.

Course information
AES Project (Project Embedded Systems Architectures)
Course Id:
0433 L 231
4 SWS / 6 ECTS
Module description:
Study courses:
Technische Informatik, Informatik, etc.
Wed 10-14 o'clock, weekly, from 20.10.2010 to 16.2.2011
aep@aes.cs.tu-berlin.de oder

A given VHDL code of an embedded system (32-Bit RISC processor, memory, UART, etc.) will be optimized and enhanced under certain criterias.

  • CPU performance optimization: Optimizing the processor description, the throughput or the frequency will be raised; from multi-cycle to pipeline architecture
  • System structure optimization: Identification and removal of bottle necks; implementation or integration of normative components
  • Enhancement of documentation and quality: improving the code structure and implementation
  • Software development close to given hardware: Boot-leader/bootstrap development or customization; development of test programs

Course of Events

  • short introduction at the beginning
  • Allocation into groups (too less students: only one team will be grouped)
  • time for analysis; planning the deeds
  • weekly short report about the reached last weeks aims and determing the aims for the next week
  • ending presentation, consultation and code discussion at the end of the semester


Literature of  CPU and system architecture

  • Computer Organization & Design bzw. Recherorganisation und -entwurf (David A. Patterson, John L. Patterson)
  • MIPS RISC Architecture (Gerry Kane, Joe Heinrich)
  • Mikroprozessortechnik und Rechnerstrukturen (Thomas Flik)
  • Moderne Prozessorarchitekturen (Matthias Menge)


  • The Designer’s Guide to VHDL (Peter J. Ashenden)
  • VHDL-Cookbook (Peter J. Ashenden)
  • VHDL-Kompakt (Andreas Mäder)

Zusatzinformationen / Extras

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