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Course Number
0401 L 410
Modul Duration
one semester
Credits Points
(according to ECTS)
4 SWS / 6 ETCS
Language of Instruction 
Time & Place
Wednesdays, 12:00-14:00
H 0105

Short Info

Compulsory module (6 LP):

  • 2VL+2UE
  • LV-Nr. 0401 L 410
  • Module owner: Prof. Juurlink

Target audience:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (mit Ingenieurswissenschaft Elektrotechnik / IuK)

Course content:

The lecture is based on the book "Computer Organisation and Design: the Hardware/Software Interface" by A.P. Patterson and J.L. Hennessy. The following topics are being taught:

  • Computer arithmetics: number formats (binary, octal and hexadeximal representation, fixed- and floating-point numbers, IEEE754), micro-algorithms for arithmetic operations
  •  Basics of digital design
  •  Structure and operation of a simple arithmetic-logic-unit (ALU)
  •  Basic technologies and components of a computer architecture
  •  Assembly programming (MIPS): assembly language, control flow, adressing
  •  Structure and operation of single- and multi-cycle datapaths (MIPS)
  •  Measuring and evaluating performance (SPEC benchmarks, Amdahl's law)
  •  Introduction to pipelining: concepts, hazards, forwarding
  •  Introduction to caches: structure, multi-way implementations, eviction policies, cache hierarchies

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