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Applied Embedded Systems Project

Course information
Applied Embedded Systems Project (AEP)
Course Id:
0433 L 231
4 SWS / 6 ECTS
Module description:
Study courses:
Technische Informatik, Informatik, etc.
max. 16
Recommended study progress:
first or third academic year (Master)



This course targets to teach practical competences in design and implementation of an embedded system architecture using contemporary tools for hardware/software co-design.

Students will be introduced to up-to-date Xilinx utilities EDK and SDK to design and implement a simple embedded system (Processor, Memory, UART, Ethernet), create and embed a self-made IP Core and develop a Linux driver and user-space application for access via network:

  • Evaluation and Optimisation of an Embedded Architecture. According to the proposed assignment, the architecture has to be evaluated for minimal resource utilisation while keeping an acceptable performance.
  • Development and Integration of an IP Core. Part of the assignment is to develop a VHDL/Verilog-IP Core to be integrated into the EDK project.
  • Test and User Interface Application Programming. The integrated IP Core's functionality is to be verified by a simple plain (non-OS) test program.  Further a simple Linux device driver and a corresponding user-space network application.
  • Documentation and Presentation of Results. All work to be done is to be documented. Further, every group has to give a final talk presenting challenges, problems and solutions.

Course of Events

  • Short introduction at the beginning
  • Allocation into groups
  • Time for analysis; planning the deeds
  • Weekly short report about the reached last weeks aims and determination of the aims for the next week
  • Ending presentation, consultation and code discussion at the end of the semester

Zusatzinformationen / Extras

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