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Advanced Computer Architecture


In this course we study the architecture and organization of the newest microprocessors currently on the market, and the latest developments in computer architecture research. You will learn to quantify design decisions in terms of performance and cost.


  • Basic principles (such as instruction set design, pipelining, and pipelining consequences).
  • VLIW (very long instruction word), superpipelined, superscalar, SIMD (single instruction, multiple data), and MIMD (multiple instruction, multiple data) architectures.
  • Out-of-order, branch prediction and speculative execution.
  • SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading).
  • Design of advanced memory hierarchies, prefetching.
  • Multi-core architectures, memory coherence and consistency, multi-threading.


  • Mips64 assembly programming.
  • Investigating contribution of key architectural improvements.
  • Parallel programming on the Cell processor.


Course will be managed through ISIS and registration through QISPOS.

By E-Mail: aca@aes.tu-berlin.de

An introductory course on computer architecture (e.g. Rechnerorganisation) and Affinity to low-level programming is recommended.

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Other Information:

  • Free elective course - 6 ECT.
  • Course intended for Technische Informatik and Informatik students.
  • 2VL+2UE: Two hours per week lecture and two hours per week practical.
  • Practical starts second week of the semester.

Video Lectures on AES Youtube Channel

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